Ronald S. Leopold, MD, MBA, MPH
Health and Productivity


Employee Benefits

There are three business metrics in employee benefits. Employers invest in coverages, contributions, programs and services in order to:
  1. Attract the talent and workforce they need
  2. Retain the talent and workforce they have
  3. Engage associates to become more productive.
Every decision around which benefits to offer, or where should our priorities lay should balance the cost of a benefit against these three business metrics.
As we head down the path to (slow) economic recovery, the benefits offered by employers will increasingly drive these metrics. The "magenetic pull" of all of these programs will be stronger as the working American family looks to "what else do we get from the company" even more.

This is an historic opportunity for employers to smartly leverage their investment in the health and welfare of their associates. 


The Benefits Edge, Honing The Competitive Value of Employee Benefits, MetLife 2008

Dr. Leopold's recent book on thinking strategically around the future of employee benefits has been described as a blueprint for benefits in the decade of health care reform.

“Ron is a high-energy, motivational, engaging, funny and brilliant thought leader. His books and presentations continue to inspire our members and gain him high accolades as a speaker. His perspective offers a broad grasp of emerging and future best practices in employee benefits. I would recommend him highly.”

Marcia Carruthers, CEO/President, Disability Management Employer Coalition

“Ron's ability to see the big picture is unique and he is a great thought leader. I have really enjoyed reading and hearing all of his thought provoking perspectives. Has been my pleasure to co-present with Ron on three occassions on the subject of Human Capital.”

Chris McSwain, Vice President, US Benefits at Walmart

 “I am delighted to recommend Ron, who has been a speaker at several of LIMRA’s Group Insurance Leadership Conferences. Ron has consistently brought fresh and insightful research to his presentations. I have attended dozens of industry meetings and he is one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers that I have heard. He has consistently been one of our best rated speakers, receiving evaluations that are as good, or even better than some very well-known professional speakers.”

Patricia Cronin, Assistant Vice President, LIMRA International

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