Ronald S. Leopold, MD, MBA, MPH
Health and Productivity


Health and Productivity

Human capital professionals have made a quantum leap in recognizing the business value of a healthier working population over the past decade. That message is now being heard in the C-Suite. 

Employers have increasingly recognized that health insurance is not health assurance. And more companies are getting proactive.

But most employers are not willing to take a "leap of faith." The demand for ROI and metric proof is a challenge.

Solving for health and productivity demands a solid understanding of the macroscopic and the microscopic for any workplace. This often requires partnership with external expertise in the field.

What are the drivers of disproportionate morbidity in a working population? What conditions are causing excess absenteeism and presenteeism? And what targeted solutions can bend the workforce cost curve?

There is a science to targeting effective interventions, and there is an art to changing people's behaviors.

The good news, is that more examples of best practices that work are surfacing every week.

Yes, there IS a business value to a healthier work force. And yes, there is a return on the investment it takes to move the needle.


A Year in The Life of A Million American Workers, MetLife, 2005

Dr. Leopold's seminal publication is a widely cited visual almanac of workplace morbidity, absence and short/long term disability data

“Dr Leopold is a visionary in identifying and proposing solutions to disability management. His work and his communication with other professionals is needed and appreciated as we all work to lower unneeded disability. I have appreciated his wisdom and his work.”

Susan Isernhagen, PT, C.O.O., DSI Work Solutions inc 

“Dr. Ron Leopold is an expert in the field of disability management and population health management. His insights can prove invaluable to your business as you craft disability policies and return to work strategies for your workforce.” 

Pam Hymel, Chief Medical Officer, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

“Ron is one of those unique individuals who combines medical knowledge, business acumen and humor in a way that both informs and entertains. His forums range from the written word to the individual meeting to the world stage. It is my pleasure to call Ron both a colleague and a friend. I always look forward to time with him and highly recommend that you never miss the opportunity to be in his presence.”

Carol Harnett, Benefits Columnist at Human Resources Executive

“Ronald is a thought leader in the USA as regards health care, disability management, and integration of the two. His advice is widely sought out on many health and disability issues. In addition, he is a gifted public speaker.” 

Michael Klachefsky, National Practice Leader, The Standard  


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