Ronald S. Leopold, MD, MBA, MPH
Health and Productivity




Human capital management is complex.

What are the things you want to do in the marketplace? Where are the value propositions that get results?

What research is already out there that will resonate with your customer base?

What information assets do you already have that could help substantiate that message?

How do you shape the message?

How do you package the information?

How do you deliver the message in a meaningful and credible way? 


As a credentialed and experienced professional, Ron brings credibility and a breadth of knowledge to the human capital conversation.

Ron's experience and communications talent brings world class advocacy with his efforts.

Words in action can be a powerful force in shaping attitudes and beliefs around human capital.


How do you match what your customers need with what you have to offer?

What value propositions will resonate with your customers or clients?

What skill sets are needed to effectively deliver on your commitments?

What tactics will efficiently and effectively hit the client targets that need to be impacted?

What will your organization need to be successful in the future?


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