Linking Innovative Companies to the employer marketplace


What's in it for the employer?

Why doesn't the employer's medical carrier already cover your service? What makes you different? Success in selling to the employer marketplace requires speaking their language. You need to be familiar with plan design and medical necessity determinations provided by the medical carrier. What ROI do you bring to an employer looking to lower medical costs, improve engagement and performance, impact worker productivity and mitigate health risks. 


HealthTech / Digital Medicine

A growing number of healthtech, digital medicine, precision medicine, population health and digital therapeutics companies are starting to target this marketplace. Solutions, including condition management, pharmacogenomics, care management, telemedicine, precision medicine, access to care and care coordination are some of the breakouts looking for a blockbuster experience. 


The Employer Marketplace

Entering the self-insured employer market space requires a keen appreciation for the buyer (usually an Employee Benefits Decision-Maker) and the many moving parts they deal with on a regular basis. Plug and play capabilities, service excellence and coordination with other benefits need to be considered. 

MDisrupt blog: HealthTech and Digital Medicine

MDisrupt has built a network of healthcare experts that can consult directly for healthtech companies to help design and execute a roadmap of steps to increase the clinically and commercially viable of a health product. MDisrupt will help to match the right expert consultant for your company, product or project.  Written by Dr. Leopold: the Medical Necessity post (12/17/19) and the SIE post (11/7/19).