Medical Cost Solutions


 High medical cost solutions for a working family population warrant targeted strategies. The concentration of expenses for this year’s medical costs is found claimants spending more than $25,000/year. 

Condition-specific solutions are often required for back surgeries, cancers, neonatal care, extended substance abuse treatment, auto-immune disorders, and complications of hospitalization. Some of these solutions include: 

  • Case management 
  • Cost and Clinical Audits
  • Narrow Network Strategies
  • Centers of Excellence;
  • Second Medical Opinion services;
  • Specialty Medicine Strategies;
  • Predictive Data Analytics;
  • Stop Loss Strategies.

New Medical Technology


The real challenge for employers in the next decade will be the cost of new medical and pharmaceutical technologies. 

High cost technologies for treating cancer, neurologic conditions, surgical procedures, neonatal treatment, orthopedic conditions, and rare diseases are driving year over year increases in how employer health care dollars are spent. 

Breakthroughs in pharmacogenomics and stem cell therapy are entering the mainstage of medical treatment. The annual cost of specialty medicines is quickly eclipsing the rest of pharmaceutical spend for most employers.

Increasingly, what carriers (and employers) chose to cover will define their future costs. This new dynamic will call for a greater need for clinical expertise to make difficult decisions around cost and benefit.

Genetic Testing & Pharmacogenomics


As genetic testing capabilities become increasingly visible in the employee benefit space, it will be important to understand the benefits and limitations of the new capabilities, including:


  • Reveal genetic factors that increase risk of disease or condition
  • More targeted prevention, early detection and treatment of disease.
  • Inform optimal medication selection and dosage for improved outcomes 
  • Optimize the selection of choices of medicine from a particular drug class.
  • Avoidance of drug side effects and more effective therapies.
  • Discontinuation of useless drug therapies and toxic chemotherapies

As employers look to leverage these capabilities, it will be important to understand the upside, the downside and the cost benefit of each capability.


Additional Topics


  • Employee Benefits
  • Health and Productivity
  • Population Health 
  • Medical Claims Data Analytics
  • High Cost Claimant Strategies
  • Global Workforce Health 
  • Generations in the Workforce
  • Financial Wellness
  • Workplace Wellness and Safety
  • New Medical Technologies 
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Genetic Testing



"He understands how to get to the key issues, and how to analyze and manage a company's risks and costs. Importantly in this area, he does this with a wonderful balance of the clinical and the compassionate." 

“It's rare to find an MD with superb communication skills. It's even more rare to find an MD with communication skills and out-of-the-box creativity.."

"Whether it's the high-level business objective, the customer's needs or the technology that will get us the right solution, Dr. Ron has a great ability to understand the need and envision the solution; all the while, keeping his team and partners fully engaged, motivated and 100% focused on success."

Keynote Speaker


"His personal, creativity and engaging style enable him to make any topic - not just group insurance - both memorable and enjoyable to his audience. "

"His presentations are polished, compelling and entertaining."

"His personal, creativity and engaging style enable him to make any topic - not just group insurance - both memorable and enjoyable to his audience."

"He is a brilliant and persuasive communicator, with great ability to convey complex analysis, keen insights, and big ideas.” 

Speaking Activity


  • American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Financial & Business Symposium
  • Benefits Management Forum & Expo (EBN)
  • Benefits Selling Expo      
  • College & University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR)
  • Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) Annual Conference- Keynote Address
  • Employee Benefits Advisor Summit
  • Health and Benefits Leadership Conference Keynote Address 
  • Health Care Benefits New York Conference
  • Health Care Benegits Expo
  • HR Executive: National Health Care Leadership Conference 
  • ISCEBS National Conference Keynote Address
  • Ivy League HR Conference
  • LIMRA, Group Benefits Annual Conference
  • M Benefits Conference
  • National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) National Conference
  • NAHU: Numerous Local Chapters
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  • National Ergonomics Conference & Expo
  • National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasers
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  • Northern California HR Association (NCHRA), HR West
  • Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Annual Conference
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