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Ronald S. Leopold, MD. MBA, MPH


Medical Consultant and Physician Advisor

As a credentialed and experienced professional, Dr. Leopold brings credibility and a breadth of knowledge as a consultant and advisor to industry stakeholders. Services include:

  • Go-to-market strategies for health care innovators in the self-insured employer space;
  • Medical and Rx Claims Data Analytics development and review;
  • Medical cost containment strategies for employers and their partners;
  • Thought Leadership support in areas such as health and productivity; global medical benefits, new medical technologies; precision medicine; pharmacogenomics; and high cost medical claims.

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Curated resources for employee benefits, human capital and population health professionals.

smarter solutions


Medical Cost Containment

Smart, targeted strategies that reflect 2020 business realities and marketplace solutions for employers looking to mitigate rising health care costs. 


Data Analytics: Medical and Rx Claims

Identifying the key insight that employers need to identify in their claims data requires clinical and technical skills that can translate claims reporting into recommendations based on employer client business needs. 

the marketplace


The Self-Insured Employer Marketplace

Helping innovators and disruptors find success in a booming marketplace: Health care disruptors are looking to bring digital health, precision medicine, condition  management, pharmacogenomic and digital medicine and therapeutic solutions to employers. 


Thought Leadership

Looking beyond the usual and customary messages of the day. Topics include: population health, medical cost containment, marketplace innovation, workplace health and productivity. Original, sometimes provocative thinking that leads to "Aha Moments." 



  • Medical Cost Drivers
  • Employee Benefits
  • Precision Medicine
  • Workforce Health and Productivity
  • Genetic Testing and Pharmacogenomics 
  • Digital Health / Medicine / Therapeutics
  • Clinical and Population Health Claims Data 
  • HealthTech and New Medical Technology
  • Integrated Benefits: Medical and Disability
  • Global Medical Benefits


  • Medical Cost Containment Solutions
  • Smart, selected use of Precision Medicine for Employers
  • Go to market strategy for the Self Insured Employer (SIE) marketplace
  • Data Analytics: Customer Reporting and Employer Strategies
  • Thought Leadership: Health and Human Capital
  • Public Speaking and Panel Moderator 


Ronald S. Leopold, MD brings 20-plus years in the health and human capital space. As a National Medical Director of one of the largest U.S.-based insurance company, and Chief Medical Officer / National Practice Leader in  employee benefits consulting, Dr. Ron brings top-notch experience and insight to the work he engages on behalf of innovators in health care and employee benefits. 


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Ronald S. Leopold, MD, MBA, MPH

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