Medical Cost Solutions, Data Analytics, Medical Necessity, New Technology, Genomics, and Global Medical Benefits.




Dr. Leopold's areas of focus: 

  • Medical Cost Reduction 
  • Medical Necessity Determination
  • Data Analytics: Medical Claims
  • Genetic Testing and Pharmacogenomics
  • Global Medical Benefits
  • High Cost Medical Claimants
  • New Medical Technologies
  • Clinical and Population Health Data Analytics
  • Employer Health and Productivity


  • Medical Costs Solutions
  • High Cost Claimant Strategies
  • New Medical Technologies and Plan Design
  • Employee Benefits
  • Integrated Benefits
  • Population Health Data Analytics
  • Global Medical Solutions
  • Generations in the Workforce
  • Financial Wellness
  • Thought Leadership: Health and Human Capital
  • Public Speaking


Ronald S. Leopold, MD brings 20-plus years in the health and medical human capital space. Specializing in employer benefits solutions for a working population, Dr. Ron focuses on medical cost solutions; data analytics and medical necessity.


New Medical Technologies


New medical technologies are responsible for 40-50 percent of annual health care cost increases.

Health care experts point to new medical technology may account for about one-half or more of real long-term spending growth.

It's Price. Not Utilization


50 percent of the increases in US health care spending from 1996 through 2013 were  related to increases in health care service price and intensity.

Primary drivers of spending growth included the use of new technologies. While these technologies may be of value, new treatments are often more expensive than older ones. 

Targeted Solutions


 Different clinical conditions warrant different solutions.

It is critical for employers to recognize that an employer's covered members (the working age family population) has a very different clinical profile with distinct challenges. That’s important because national priorities and a good deal of national health data research focus on, or are heavily skewed by, the cost drivers and specific needs of an over age 65 years population.

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Medical Cost Solutions

3% of people drive 56% of medical costs

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