"Ron is a sharp, focused individual with a great knowledge of the fundamental drivers of the disability management world. He understands how to get to the key issues, and how to analyze and manage a company's risks and costs. Importantly in this area, he does this with a wonderful balance of the clinical and the compassionate." 

Craig Guiffre, Senior Vice President, CIGNA Group Insurance

"I have been involved as a qualitative researcher on multiple research initiatives led by Dr. Ron. There is NO ONE who is more (a) committed to uncovering insights that are fresh, new, and thought-provoking, (b) willing to push and challenge the status quo in a positive and productive manner, (c) strongly encouraging of input and ideas from peers and subordinates, (d) dedicated to delivering a final output that is not merely good but great in every respect, and (e) certain to be regarded by all involved in a given project as "the smartest guy in the room." Working with Dr. Ron is stimulating, energizing, fulfilling, and fun. It would be my pleasure to provide additional details on his behalf and encourage folks to reach out to me to learn more."

Clark Murray, Focus Group Moderator - IDI Interviewer - Ideation Facilitator

"I have known Dr. Ron for eight years and have had the pleasure of working closely with him over the last four years in MetLife's Marketing Department. Under Ron's leadership, his team's research-based insights and expertise in employee benefits have helped establish MetLife as the forward-thinking leader in the industry. His personal, creativity and engaging style enable him to make any topic - not just group insurance - both memorable and enjoyable to his audience. To brokers and employers, he is one of the foremost experts and inspiring public speakers on employee benefit-related topics today. To me, he is a good friend and trusted colleague who comes with my highest recommendation."

Dave DeGeorge, Vice President, MetLife

"Ron is one of the preeminent thought leaders on employee benefits. He is an excellent public speaker who really understands the motivations of today's workforce both domestically and abroad. While working with him at MetLife, he and his team generated extremely valuable thought leadership pieces. Ron has the rare ability to share his deep knowledge of employee benefits in an extremely engaging presentation style that all audiences will enjoy."

Brad Bodell, Chief Operating Officer, Trustmark Companies

"Dr. Ron Leopold is recognized as one of the benefits industry's pre-eminent though leaders. His insights and research have illuminated the path for many companies in their search for optimized benefits strategies. His subject mastery is complemented by an understanding of his target audiences that makes cutting edge topics accessible and actionable. Ron is an internationally known speaker that delivers an important message in a highly engaging and entertaining manner."

Bill Raczko, Vice President Marketing, Individual Solutions Group at Prudential Financial

"I worked with Ron throughout the creation of a video documentary based on his thought leadership research.   He was a great business partner who understood the potential of the medium to effectively communicate his key messages, although multimedia production was relatively new to him.  He quickly learned the ropes of the production process and understood intuitively how to edit down the many hours of interviews into a concise and impactful program.  Ron is a strong communicator, and it was a pleasure working with him throughout every stage of his documentary."

Barrett Lester, Video and Multimedia, MetLife


“I have enjoyed both a professional and personal relationship with Dr. Leopold (Ron) for more than 10 years. Ron is one of the single most creative, innovative and passionate people of our time and that I have ever had the privilege of working with and alongside. Ron has an abundance of energy, intelligence and vision, which has allowed him to truly create a legacy of improvement upon our current and energing system of care as well as people, business and the communities in which they coexist. It is an honor and privilege to provide my personal and professional recommendation on behalf of Dr. Ron Leopold.” 

Gary Earl, Senior Health Innovations Executive, UnitedHealthcare

“I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Dr. Ron Leopold for over 10 years. Dr. Ron has earned an enviable reputation in the group benefits space for his research and insights on the future of employee benefits and the connection between health, wellness, disability and absence management. Ron is an exceptional public speaker. He is able to educate and entertain, a rare quality in the employee benefits arena. Ron is, for many in our industry, the very public face of MetLife's thought leadership and research capabilities. I have really enjoyed working with Dr. Ron and value his very significant contributions to our company . I truly appreciate the lead role he has taken in moving the discussion forward on evolving trends in employee benefits and employee health and wellness.”

Dan Arkins, Regional Director, MetLife Disability

“It's rare to find an MD with superb communication skills. It's even more rare to find an MD with communication skills and out-of-the-box creativity. I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ron Leopold at MetLife for +/- 10 years. His knowledge, creativity, energy and commitment are first-rate. He has an unusual gift for translating technical information into content that's clear and memorable. This makes him a terrific speaker, author, media spokesperson, educator and thought leader.” 

Meg Wildrick, Managing Director, BlissPR

“I've known and worked with Ron for more than ten years. He is a true thought leader, intellectual resource, and business partner. A credible expert in his field, Ron is forward-thinking, fact based and highly informed and knowledgeable, yet is tremendously creative, provocative and thought provoking in style and approach. Ron's presentations captivate audiences, while educating and stimulating broader thinking. It's always a rich and valuable experience to work with Ron or to see him present.”

Howard Lorsch, Vice President, Human Resources, MetLife

"At heart Dr. Ron is an educator and an innovator of exceptional caliber. He has been able to develop visionary solutions to the most fundamental issues facing the industry. But where Dr. Ron's work has been truly most memorable to me, is in the way that he drives business value by ensuring these ground-breaking insights and approaches are adopted across a diverse and widespread audience. He has an uncanny way of connecting with people whether through humor or his engaging style of delivering a complex message in clear, concise terms that resonate and stick with listeners.

I have no doubt that whatever the breakthrough or leading edge topic in non-medical health insurance, you will find Dr. Ron has already published an opinion and should be the source you turn to for leadership and guidance.”

Mike Boudreau, PMP, Chief of Staff; Manager, Project Management Office, MetLife

"Through his research, his speaking and his recent book on benefit strategy, Ron has become one of the industry’s foremost thought leaders. Few in our industry have demonstrated the impressive insight and strategic vision that Ron exhibits in his work.

His presentations are polished, compelling and entertaining as he shares his analysis of the results of his annual survey of employees, employers and brokers/consultants.

As a speaker and writer on employee benefits myself, I rely often on Ron’s work both to better understand industry trends and for the empirical data to prove my point. His annual surveys are likely the industry’s most quoted and highly regarded source of actionable data. Without question, Ron Leopold is one of the most influential figures in the benefits industry.” 

Nelson Griswold, President, Bottom Line Solutions, Inc.


“Ron Leopold has established MetLife as the premiere provider of research in the insurance industry, in particular in the area of benefits, both core and voluntary. My company looks forward to each and every research report. Ron's research and analysis has enabled my company to stay ahead of the curve in the benefits arena and to capitalize on the trends, attitudes, and needs of both employers and employees. And his ability to analyze and communicate his findings in a highly engaging way has contributed significantly to the success of our business. I HIGHLY recommend Ron Leopold.” 

Jim Ouimet, Workplace Affinity

“Ron is an outstanding thought leader. He is a brilliant and persuasive communicator, with great ability to convey complex analysis, keen insights, and big ideas.” 

Winthrop Cashdollar, Executive Director for Disability Insurance, America's Health Insurance Plans

"Ron is an extremely literate and knowledgeable professional who can help customers to understand the employee wellness impact on the success of their business. He is an excellent listener and a creative problem solver. He was a pleasure to work with” 

Renee Berger, Vice President, MetLife

“When people describe Dr. Ron Leopold, they will use terms such as "thought leader", "visionary", "creative" and other similar adjectives you would expect of a leader. Of course I agree with all of them. However, what has always impressed me the most about Dr. Ron, is that he "gets it". Whether it's the high-level business objective, the customer's needs or the technology that will get us the right solution, Dr. Ron has a great ability to understand the need and envision the solution; all the while, keeping his team and partners fully engaged, motivated and 100% focused on success. On top of all of these business capabilities, Dr. Ron is just a pleasure to work with as an individual.”

Tom McEntee, Digital Strategy Lead, US Business, MetLife

“I have known Ron for over 20 years. Throughout those years he has been a true thought leader in disability management. From the early days of employer awareness of the correlation of absence and productivity to the more wholistc view of effective resource allocation in the workplace, Ron has always been at the forefront, creating awareness as a powerful writer and inspiring speaker."

Jim Franklin, CEO, Reliable Review Service

"Ron is a recognized leader in the H&P management field and an excellent speaker. His knowledge of the critical health and wellness issues that currently challenge employers today is top-notch."

Jim Curcio, Senior Manager, Benefits Integration and Strategy – Global Programs and Services at Amazon